Cremation Safeguards

OUR STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE1)  Your Loved One Is Cared For By ProfessionalsWhile every direct cremation company offers cremationservices, you should be aware that not all take the same carewith the process.  Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. have carefully designed procedures which are accountable and every step is managed by our staff.2)  Tracking SystemEvery step of your loved one's care is documented in ourtracking system and they will be assigned a unique identificationnumber, which is stamped into a stainless steel identification disc.This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process.Our tracking system includes date and time of arrival at our facility andname of the transfer technician.  Personal belongings are cataloged and placedin a secure area for their return to the family.3) AuthorizationsState law requires completion of authorization forms which we will provide to you and help you complete.  In addition, we will see to it that all permits and paperwork are completed prior to cremation taking place.4) Our Cremation ProcessWe only cremate one person at a time and our cremation chamber is never used for pets and animals.  The metal identification tag is safeguardedduring the cremation process.5) Transfer Back To YouThe only time your loved one leaves the care of our highly trained professionals is when the cremated remains are transferred back to your family.The metal identification tag will be included inside the urn so that it will never be lost.The number on the tag will be part of our company's record keeping archive.