Private Crematory

Fourtowns Cremation Inc is proud to offer our private crematory to families we serve. Our facility offers a clean and calming facility to be present for cremation. The crematory is a state of the art, purpose-built facility specifically for the families of our funeral home.

Fourtowns Cremation Inc is the only local funeral home with our own private crematory. Other funeral homes in the area must use one of the several public crematories, which handle thousands of cremations a year. We are clearly different - 3 Simple words describe what we do, everyone is treated respectfully, gently, carefully. We have standards -that's what sets us apart. WE HAVE A ONSITE CREMATORY ..IN A DIGNIFIED,PROPER SETTING. NOT... IN A WAREHOUSE OR INDUSTRIAL PARK,,,AS MOST OTHERS ARE MILES AWAY...IN ROCKLEDGE,DAYTONA BY THE JAIL OR ORLANDO AIRPORT.Your loved one must be transferred by the funeral home to their facility, but with our own crematory your loved one never leaves the care of our staff. You can be assured that the cremation will be handled in a timely manner by our trained and certified staff. We feel this add a more personal touch to our service.