Wide range of cremation products

For Fourtowns Cremation Inc. pricing, please call us at (386) 774-8055.

Use Our Affordable Cremation Service

Choose any of the affordable goods you may want, such as urns, keepsakes, or jewelry from Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown on your invoice as well as an explanation of additional legal requirements needed for a direct cremation service.

For pricing, please call us at (386) 774-8055.

Cremation includes:

  • Necessary services of staff and obtaining all authorizations

  • Transportation of remains to our crematory within a 10 mile radius (additional mileage may be assessed)

  • Refrigeration custodial care in our climate-controlled facility (up to 3 days)

  • Cremation fee

  • Cardboard alternative container provided by Fourtowns Cremation Inc. or the purchaser
  • Death certificates and the required Medical Examiner’s Fee provided at additional cost

Notice to Our Valued Clients

Due to Florida Statue 497.601 the State of Florida licensing restrictions, cremation societies are not permitted by law to sell, conduct or arrange for burials, any type of Funeral/Memorial Service visitation or viewing (including witnessing) or  paid obituaries on your behalf.  CREMATION SOCIETIES OFFER ONLY DIRECT CREMATION. 

How much is a cremation with Fourtowns Cremation Inc?  Actually you determine the cost, by deciding the amount of the merchandise you might choose, such as urns, keepsakes, jewelry, etc.

There is a substantial difference between the level of services from a Full Service concierge Funeral Home and a Direct Cremation Society, which is limited to minimal service.

Funeral Homes offer a concierge type full service funeral.  Professional expertise & personal service in arranging for & coordination with mass, church services, cemetery, organist, soloist, clergy, VFW, military honor guard, lodges or fraternal organizations or cemetery graveside services. 


                                            Fourtowns cremation Inc. is limited to direct cremation only.