When you are preparing for an upcoming cremation service in cremation in DeBary, FL, then it is important that you talk to the leading team in the industry. There’s no reason why you should sacrifice the quality of services that are offered. Instead, you need to choose a company that offers many years of experience and a variety of options for your family.

What Are Your Choices For A Cremation?

At Fourtowns Cremation, Inc., we understand the difficult decisions that you are facing during this experience in your life. Whether you are working through options for preplanning or you need to schedule a cremation for someone that you love, we are here to answer your questions and help with anything that you need. Our team in the funeral industry offers the supportive service that is necessary to ensure that you are satisfied with the cremation plan.

Not only do we offer a variety of solutions for cremations, but these services can be catered based on the requests of your family. We will discuss the options and identify the solutions that match your traditions and desires. We are working hard to support the community and provided unparalleled solutions in the industry.

What Is Your Various Option For A Cremation?

Here are some of the options that you might consider if you are thinking about cremation services:

  • Cremation Only: A direct cremation means that the person will be cremated, but no other services will be arranged with the cremation. This service is usually the cheapest solution, making it ideal for families with a tight budget for end of life services. Choosing direct cremation doesn’t eliminate your option for other memorial activities. You might select a DIY gathering at home so that you can save money or accommodate the requests of the deceased.

  • Cremation with Memorial or Funeral: Another option is to plan the cremation with a gathering, such as a memorial or funeral. In this instance, you can choose the date and location of the event. Some families want to maintain certain traditions that are held at the funeral service. But, they choose cremation instead of a standard burial service.

  • Cremation with a Celebration of Life: Would you rather celebrate the life that was lived instead of planning a formal memorial or cremation? The possibilities are endless when you choose a celebration. For example, if the person was an avid football fan, then you might consider the option to hold a tailgate party in their honor.

It is common to have questions about the services that are offered in the funeral industry such as cremation costs for the cremation process of your loved ones. So, the best thing that you can do is call our team at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. for additional information. We have detailed information in our online tool, which can be used for pre-planning purposes. At the same time, we are on-call all day and night so that you can always reach someone on the other end of the line when you have questions about cremation. Keep in mind that we offer cremation only. If you are looking for funeral or memorial services to go with the cremation, then you need to seek the assistance of a funeral home.

What Is The Final Resting Place For The Cremation?

You will need to choose the final resting place after the cremation is complete. After the cremation in DeBary, FL is complete; then you will need to choose the place where the ashes will be laid to rest. What is the preference that matches the needs of your family? Here are a few options that you might consider:

  • Scatter the Ashes: Pick your favorite outdoor destination where the cremated remains can be scattered. Depending on the location, you might need permissions if it is on private property or public lands.

  • Memorial Garden: Plant the person’s favorite flowers and scatter the ashes in this beautiful garden. Or, you can leave something that will last for many years by planting the ashes in the roots of a tree.

  • Memory Urn: An urn is a container that is used to store the ashes after the cremation is complete. Choose a beautiful urn that can be kept in your home if desired. Or, you might divide the ashes in multiple urns that are distributed to family members.

  • Cemetery Burial: Did you know that cremation ashes can be buried in the family cemetery plot? If you want to keep family members together, then you might choose a location where a headstone can be placed to mark the burial site. Talk to cemeteries in the area to learn about your options.

As you can see, many solutions mightbe considered if you choose cremation. There’s no reason why you need to feel limited with a casket burial. Instead, talk to our team if you would like more information about the way the ashes can be laid to rest.

We are here to answer your questions and support your goals for cremation in DeBary, FL. Visit Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. at our convenient location: 1235 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL 32763. Or, call to learn more about the ways that we can help: (386) 774-8055.

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