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Choose any of the affordable goods you want from the Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown on your invoice as well as an explanation of additional legal requirements needed for a cremation service.

For direct cremation pricing, please call us at (386) 774-8055.

Cremation includes:

  • Necessary services of staff and obtaining authorizations

  • Transportation of remains to crematory within 10 miles (will be assessed)

  • Refrigeration custodial care in climate-controlled facility (up to 3 days)

  • Cremation fee

  • Cardboard alternative container

  • Direct cremation with alternative container provided by the purchaser (plus Volusia County's medical examiner fee)

  • Direct cremation with cardboard alternative container provided by funeral home -  (plus Volusia County's medical examiner fee)

Notice to Our Valued Clients

Due to Florida Statue 497.601 the State of Florida licensing restrictions, cremation societies are not permitted by law to arrange any type of Funeral/Memorial Service or paid obits on your behalf. CREMATION SOCIETIES OFFER ONLY CREMATION. A CASH AND CARRY SITUATION. 

How much is a cremation ... actually you determine the cost, you set the price by deciding the extent of services and the quality of the merchandise selected ... There is a substantial difference between the level of services from a full service concierge funeral home and a direct cremation society that is designed to be limited to minimal service. To help you understand and differentiate, we have created this chart that compares the operations and services of the two. 

Funeral homes offer a concierge type full service. Professional expertise & personal service in arranging for & coordination with mass, church services, cemetery, organist, soloist, clergy, vfw, military honor guard, lodges or faternal organizations or cemetery graveside services. 

Full-Service Funeral Home
Direct Cremation Society
Family Consultation The length of time needed for arrangement conference is unlimited. Direct Cremation Society Consultation limited to 30 minutes.
Cash Advance (Third Party) items Typically, there is no limit to the number of third party charges including items such as flowers, clergy, cemetery, music and food. Limited to only third party charges for the death certificates.
Transportation Vehicles owned by the funeral home typically pick-up and transport the deceased throughout the entire cremation process. This task is handled by a third party hired by the society, they never see the body.
Crematory Process Many funeral homes have the cremation chamber on premise that performs the cremation. Typically, the cremation is contracted out to a third party, they never see the body.
Viewing ID viewing for immediate family member. Not Available
Witnessing of the Cremation Process Families may inspect the cremation chamber and witness the cremation. Not Available
Office Staffing Typically more than 10 employees. Part-time Employees
Office Hours Assistance available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 10 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday
Veterans Benefits Secures benefits from Department of Veteran Affairs including a U.S. Flag, burial allowances, headstone/marker & presidential certificate. Limited to securing U.S. Flag from United States Department of Veteran Affairs.
Aftercare Access to bereavement support and other grief materials. Not Available
Facilities 7000 sq. ft. with restrooms, large parking lot, lobby, lounge, snack area and other full service amenities. Office is 700 sq. ft. total, no restrooms and limited parking.
Funeral Announcement on the Website Full Obituary, memorial service details and other pertinent information posted on funeral home website. Not Available
Other Professional Services Free filing of Social Security documents and insurance claims as well as free notary service. Social Security only
Charitable Giving / Donations Funeral homes assist local organizations in the community through donations and other forms of support schools, churches, youth programs, clubs. The cremation society does No Donations to support organizations in the local community.
Professional licensing and training requirements by the State of Florida for Licensed Staff. University degree, internship and one year apprenticeship. Three extensive state tests. Written - Oral - Practical. One short entrance exam only.
Veterans Benefits Administrative Assistance Burial Application at any Veterans Cemetery. Not Available
Newspaper Obituaries Unlimited number of local and out-of-state obituary notices placed (free listings and obituary notices paid for by the family). Limited to the placement of two local obituary notices (free listings only).

For Direct Cremation Pricing, Please Call (386) 774-8055