How Does The Cremation Work?

How much do you know about the cremation services that are available in Orange City, FL? Most people are familiar with traditional funerals in the funeral industry because it is common for families to follow these traditions over the years. But, you don’t need to stick with the traditional end of life services if you prefer an alternative. Instead, it might be time for you to learn more about cremation in Orange City, FL.

At Fourtowns Cremation, Inc., we are working hard to offer affordable solutions for families in the area. Whether you are considering a funeral service with cremation instead of burial, or you want direct cremation, we have a package to meet your needs. Our team encourages you to schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about the ways that we are available to help.

What Is The Fact About The Cremation?

Here are a few interest facts that might want to know about cremation services:

  1. When a body is under cremation process, the crematorium can be heated as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. After the cremation is finished, all that is left is the ashes that remain of the bone fragments. Usually, the fragments are different sizes, so it is common to process the fragments to create a fine ash powder.

  3. Only one body can be cremated at a time. Not only is it against the law to cremate multiple bodies at once, but the crematory is only large enough to fit one body.

  4. Even though people assume that cremation is a modern service, it has been around for thousands of years. In fact, traditional funerals and burials have only been done in recent history.

  5. Careful systems are used to ensure that every family receives the right remains. Laws must be followed that dictate the way the body is handled before, during, and after the cremation.

  6. Cremated remains usually only weigh between 6 and 8 pounds.

  7. You can choose the final resting place for the ashes. Some people want to have them buried in the cemetery. It is estimated that about 10% of the remains that are cremated are placed in a cemetery plot.

  8. Other people choose an outdoor location for scattering the ashes. Also, consider the option to keep the ashes in an urn that is placed somewhere in the home.

  9. Unique options for cremated remains are to bury them in the roots of a tree that is newly planted or to scatter them over the ocean.

What Is The Reason You Might Consider A Cremation?

Do you think that cremation might be the right service for your family member or your loved ones? There are advantages to choosing cremation over a standard funeral plan. But, it is important that you consider your preferences and the wishes of the deceased. Cremation cannot be reversed. So, you need to be confident in your decision before moving forward with the services.

One of the main benefits available from cremation is the budget cremation costs of the services. Funerals can be expensive when families add all of the extra details, such as a viewing, burial, casket, and more. If you are worried about paying for these unnecessary costs, then you might stick with the simplicity of cremation instead.

Compare the costs, and you will see that cremation in Orange City, FL is a fraction of the price of traditional funeral services. Families looking for a way to save money need to talk to us at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. We are striving to keep the cost of cremation as low as possible. By keeping our overhead costs low, we can pass the savings onto you. This cost management strategy means that respectful cremation services are available for people of all income levels.

How much is cremation in Florida?

Cremation costs vary depending on the location, crematory utilized, type of casket desired, and any renovations, among other factors. Cremations performed by the same firm cost the same amount. Cremation is a simple and affordable way to honor your loved one while saving you money. But, it can be hard to find cremation services that are affordable and reputable. Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. has been in business for many years and we offer the best value in town. We're also proud of our customer service. We'll answer any questions you have about cremation or funeral planning without pressuring you to buy anything from us.

We will give you a detailed invoice for any of the affordable goods that you choose from Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. You will also be informed of any legal requirements before we process your cremation.

Cremation near Me

When you are searching for the term "cremation near me" online and you are located in Orange City, Florida you might come across our website in the search results. Don’t hesitate to reach us right away because we offer the most reasonable and high-quality cremation services in the area and nearby cities.

Benefits of Cremation

  • You'll save time and money.

  • It's more environmentally friendly than burial.

  • Grieve in your own way without the stress of planning a funeral.

  • No need for a cemetery plot or vault. Plots in a cemetery are getting rare. You might not find any when you visit the cemetery where you want to be buried. More people are cremated because plots are expensive and they don't have to search for a burial location.

  • Allows loved ones to visit the deceased in their final resting place.

  • Religions are becoming less strict as time goes on. Some people choose cremation because they think that the soul is immortal. There are no doctrinal problems to cremation of the deceased's remains because it does not impact his or her soul, according to the Church. People are choosing cremation over burial for a variety of reasons, including the Catholic Church’s less rigid teachings.

Online Planning or a Consultation?

Is it time for you to learn more about cremation services? You might be interested in this information so that you can take care of preplanning for yourself. Or, there are times when families need to discuss cremation because immediate services are required.

Several options are available when you need additional information. The simplest solution is to use the online planning tool that we offer here on our website. This information is designed to walk you through the services so that you can design a cremation based on the needs of your family. Alternatively, you can call our team to discuss the details over the phone. You can also schedule a consultation if preferred.

We are here to assist with cremation in Orange City, FL. If you want to learn more about the services that are provided, then it is time to contact us at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. We have a convenient location: 1235 Saxon Blvd, Orange City, FL 32763. Or, you are welcome to call: (386) 774-8055.

Cremation FAQs

  • What are the main benefits of cremation?

    • One of the main benefits available from cremation is the reduction in the cost of the services. Funerals can be expensive when families add all of the extra details, such as a viewing, burial, casket, and more.

  • Why is cremation affordable?

    • Few reasons why cremation services in Orange City, FL cost so little compared to a traditional burial are: Fewer Services Involved, Fewer Products Involved, Inexpensive Options. When you go with cremation, especially direct cremation, there are far fewer services necessary to go through with the process. You don’t have to purchase or even rent a casket for a visitation. Learn more.

  • What happens before and after cremation?

    • One of the first things that will happen is that family members of the deceased call the cremation provider and the cremation provider then transports their loved one’s body to their facilities. Before a cremation can occur, the funeral home must have a death certificate on hand and it must be an official copy. Once the cremation has taken place and possibly services of some kind, you can also put together some kind of permanent memorial for your loved one, if you’d like. Learn more.

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