Different Service for Cremation in Winter Park, FL

Cremation in Winter Park, FL might seem like a simple service, and many people assume that they don’t need to make many decisions by choosing cremation. But, there are various companies in the industry that pair cremations with other funeral offerings. So, it is important that you understand what you need and then find the right company to assist with the services that are required.

At Fourtowns Cremation, Inc., we are keeping things simple with direct cremation. We understand that many people don’t know their options in the industry. So, this information is designed to help you compare the services that are provided to help you choose a company that is a good fit for your family. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

Cremation Services from a Funeral Home

If you talk to a funeral home about cremation services, they will offer many packages that include everything from direct cremation to cremation services paired with a traditional funeral. Customers have the option to choose the custom services that are needed, which might include a full range of offerings in the industry.

Even though the cremation alone is an affordable service, the funeral homes usually add on extras that increase the pricing. It is not common for customers to purchase cremation only. If you work with a funeral home and you choose cremation without the extra options, then you can expect that the price will be higher compared to a company that specializes in cremation only. Even if you don’t use the other services that are available, you still need to pay a higher price to help cover the overhead costs of the large facility.

Direct Cremation in Winter Park, FL

In comparison, direct cremation is a service that is designed to cover the cremation without the add-on services. Our company doesn’t provide the support for funeral or memorial planning. We keep it simple by sticking with just the cremation. After you receive the ashes, then you might choose to hold a DIY funeral or memorial service. For example, some people plan the event at a church in the area. Some families invite a group of close friends and family members for a gathering in the backyard or at home. Finally, some families choose to skip the funeral or memorial completely.

The main benefit of direct cremation is the option to reduce the overall costs that are spent on end of life services. If you are looking for a way to save money, then you will see that our prices are more affordable compared to other competitors in the industry. At Fourtowns Cremation, Inc., we can keep the costs low by avoiding the expensive overhead costs that drive up monthly bills. Then, these savings can be built into the pricing that is offered to your family.

Additionally, we have worked hard to simplify the planning process. When you choose cremation in Winter Park, FL, you can tap into the basic system that we’ve created. These cremations are available without the stress of sorting through add-on options and other funeral services.

You have the option to talk to our team. During this short consultation, we will answer your questions and help you see how our services are different from standard funeral home offerings. Rest assured to know that we can be reached at any time during the day or night if you have questions. If your family member passes away in the evening or on the weekend, then you are welcome to call us right away to schedule the transportation.

Another solution for funeral planning is to use the online system that is available. This process makes it easy to sort through your options without leaving the comfort of home. We have many customers who use the online planning tool for preplanning purposes.

Preplanning and Immediate Services

Preplanning is a great choice so that you can choose the details that will be included in your future cremation. Plus, you can lock in the current pricing and reduce the emotional and financial stress that is left on your family after you are gone. At the same time, preplanning is a way to simplify the funeral process so that you don’t have to worry about a burial, casket, viewing and more.

Our team is here to assist with preplanning. We are also on call 24 hours a day so that we can help at the moment when you need to schedule immediate cremation services. Don’t hesitate to call if you need support.

We offer quality cremation in Winter Park, FL. Contact our experienced team at Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. to learn more. Our office is located at 123 S Industrial Dr Ste 102, Orange City, FL 32763. You are welcome to call any time if you need more information about the services that are available: (386) 774-8055

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