Why We Are Different

Not many Families have thought about the qualities in a preferred Direct Cremation Company.  Yet, when you read of who we are, and how much we care; you'll know exactly what you should expect.

Each and every family is given the utmost care and respect. We have a responsibility to do everything we can to help you through this. You are not alone…We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We consider this a ministry helping you with the decisions you will need to make. 

Why our Pricing is Different

Why our Pricing is Different

Our pricing reflects what we have to offer, and their pricing reflects what they have to offer. Not all Cremation services are created EQUALLY.  Do not be mislead by a less expensive cremation service.

We are clearly different - 3 Simple words describe what we do, everyone is treated respectfully, gently and carefully.

We have high standards – that’s what sets us apart.

Locally Owned & Operated

Locally Owned & Operated

We have an On Site Crematory...in a dignified, proper setting.

Not in a warehouse or industrial park...as most others are sub-contracted out, 

many miles away in Rockledge, Daytona or near the Orlando airport.

No one locally has more complete facilities and services than we do. We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, others do not.  We do things differently.  We pride ourselves on cleanliness, honesty and service.  We do not cut corners.  

We will be with you every step of the way.  

Many direct cremation companies misguide you, have hidden charges, gimmicks or will only give you half of the truth. We want to educate you because it’s one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make.  You deserve to know the care you receive from us is never outsourced.  Many of the other companies use a third party to transport and do the cremation.  They usually never see the body. You have to take their word for it that the ashes are that of your loved one.

                                                                                                            That’s what sets us apart.

I would like to caution you, you only have one chance to make the right decision.
There is a difference. It’s a thought, think about it. We thank you for your trust in calling us, and the privilege of your time.
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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Fair and Affordable prices to meet everyone’s circumstances
  • Families receive full value

It’s what’s in our heart and what we do for others.

Our Role Model

Our Role Model

Angelo would say...

Take your Time - Do Quality Work

Be A Craftsman

Be Fair and Honest At All Times

Capiche - Knuckle Head!!

Angelo "Jungle" Garavalia...worked for Moroni-Johnson Funeral Home in

Herrin, Illinois from 1937 - 1990. Growing up at my family's funeral home, Angelo taught me to always do the right thing and give my best effort, whether it was embalming, running ambulance service or helping people heal through their time of sorrow.

Everyone in my small home town knew him as "Jungle" because he fought in the jungle during World War II and that is how he acquired the nickname of "Jungle."

Angelo left his mark with a big heart, easy going manner and a great love for people.

He exemplified the Title "Greatest Generation" - as Angelo was Loyal - Honest -Sincere - Kind - Moral - a Hard Worker - His word was his bond - He made liking him as easy as breathing.

There is an old saying from decades ago people in Southern Illinois would say about a man like Angelo, "He was a Good Egg."

He treasured his profession.

I try to follow his example.

Men do what is right, boys do what they want.

I will never forget these lessons I learned at Angelo’s side.

It's a thought, think about it.

We know that you may have other questions, so feel free to call us at anytime so that we can walk you your options and help you create the best possible plan for you.
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